Brittany Dalton

Director of Operations

My name is Brittany Dalton and I am the Director of Operations at DB Fitness Inc.

From a young age I have led an active lifestyle and have always been involved in many sports. I have completed the junior level in karate, swam competitively for the Guelph Marlins, played hockey for the Halton Twisters and was active through high school with field hockey as my favorite sport. After graduating from John F. Ross I went on to graduate at the University of Windsor with a BA in psychology. From there I found my passion for health and have been part of the fitness industry for 6 years. I have worked from sales all the way to the general manager position for a popular fitness company.  I was one of the youngest general managers for this company and worked very hard to help motivate many people to reach their fitness goals.

My passion for fitness steams form my own personal fitness journey. Since 2014 I have lost 80lbs in total through proper diet and exercise. Making the choice to change my life was the best decision I have ever made, but it did not come easily. Waking up every day unhappy and sluggish became draining. Worrying about fitting into my jeans and feeling guilty at every meal began to affect the person I was. Becoming a healthy person isn't a short term goal, but a long term commitment. At my heaviest I knew what it was like to wear sweaters in the summertime and t-shirts over my bathing suits. I knew what it felt like to try on the biggest size the store carried and not even get the pants past your knees. I know what is it like to battle with food every morning when you wake up, and every second of the day till bed. I know because I have been there.

My passion for fitness stems from my own battle with my body and mind. I know how hopeless you can feel but I also know how you can turn that around with one decision. To make a change. I am determined to help people from feeling the way I did. My love for health is something I want to share with everyone who walks into DB Fitness Inc. My drive and my commitment to help others be happy and feel good is what separates my self from the competitors.