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One-on-one training sessions are the ultimate way to receive personalized and tailored attention from our knowledgeable, experienced DB Fitness Inc. personal trainers.

One-on-one training sessions allow trainers to assess your current fitness abilities and target your needs to reach your desired fitness and health goals. Working one-on-one with our trainers will provide you with proper knowledge behind your customized program and provide you a comfortable and safe environment to exercise in with your trainer.

With new cutting edge technology from body composition and muscle quality scanners to video analysis, trainers will have the ability to provide a customized program suited for any body type after your first complimentary assessment. It is crucial to identify the muscle imbalances inside the body and where our body is storing fat to design personalized workouts that will reach your maximum potential achieving the best results. Making our one-on-one program extremely effective.

Our trainers at DB Fitness Inc. have extensive backgrounds and have come from all walks of life. Please visit our trainers page to learn more about our amazing staff and book your first complimentary assessment today.


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