Class Details

The professionals at DB Fitness Inc. believe stretching to be one of the most important parts of living a healthy lifestyle. Stretching classes are offered, and are highly recommended to all members looking to improve their fitness, recovering from an injury or seeking relief from joint soreness and muscle tension.

These classes focus strongly on the importance of Dynamic Stretching before exercise and Static Stretching post exercise. Dynamic Stretching prepares the body for the workout load by taking the body through stretches in motion to promote joint mobility, stability and muscle activation. Static Stretching consists of stationary stretching that is designed to promote the supply of blood and nutrients to joint structure, a decreased risk of injury, a reduction in muscle tension and an increased range of motion.

Our educational stretching classes will also use Foam Rollers in each class. Do you own a foam roller and are not sure if you are using it correctly? Have you always wanted to try a foam roller and don't know where to start? In class, you will learn how to use a foam roller to safely break down the muscle tissues to relieve muscle tension and to prevent lactic acid build up in the muscles. Incorrect use of the foam roller can lead to injury and soft tissue damage, so why guess?

It is important to invest time in stretching, as it will not only help with muscle tension and overall posture, but it will improve your ability to perform during exercise. Allow the DB Fitness professionals guide you through a 45-minute stress relieving stretch class and experience the many benefits that lead to a better quality of life.


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