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Class Details

Our DB Fitness Inc. Bootcamp program is designed to incorporate a variety of strength, endurance and cardio exercises to build and improve upon anyone's fitness level, over 30 minutes of timed intervals.

Our classes are led by experienced fitness instructors that include a dynamic warm-up to begin and a static stretch to end each class, helping to prevent injury or delayed muscle soreness. In the Bootcamp classes, you will use a variety of equipment including the use of the following;

  • Dumbbells
  • Kettle Bells
  • Stability Balls
  • Suspension Trainers
  • Multiple Different Types of Resistance Bands
  • Bosu's
  • Agility Ladders
  • Medicine Balls
  • Wall Balls
  • and Much More!

DB Fitness Inc. Bootcamp classes provide each member with new challenging workouts everyday. Our classes are designed by our trainers and can be modified on the spot to fit any fitness level. Bootcamp classes are an effective and efficient way to aid in weight loss, while still building and strengthening all major muscle groups.


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